Approval of Law on equal pay for men and women


On March 18, 2019, the Legislative Assembly approved in a second debate the Law that establishes salary equality between men and women, both in the public and private sectors of Costa Rica.

This law is a positive action that favors the human right to work of every woman in Costa Rica and avoids discrimination in any job she performs. In this way, a lower remuneration cannot be established for a person because of being a woman or for reasons of maternity.

BLP is committed to gender equality. We have developed policies that establish specific actions to make equal wages between men and women a reality. We have set up an Audit Committee on Gender Equity and Equality, which has allowed us to obtain concrete results in gender equity issues such as zero wage gaps between men and women in the same position, the status of women in senior decision-making positions, and other measures aimed at making BLP a professional workspace free from discrimination.