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BLP receives once again the Pro Bono Leading Lights recognition from Latin Lawyer

December, 2017

This month, BLP received “Pro Bono Leading Lights” recognition on behalf of Latin Lawyer for its pro bono efforts for the second year in a row. This recognition is awarded based on a report about the strategy, programs, and actions that the firm promotes in pro bono matters, and the feedback from clearing houses, the Vance Center and other experts on pro bono practices.

Since 2008, the BLP Foundation has focused on directing the firm’s pro bono work efforts towards high social impact projects. Some of the main work areas have been entrepreneurship, community, sustainable development and the environment, gender equality, childhood and teenage years, and the social and work integration of people with disabilities. This year, the BLP Foundation evolved into our Sustainability Management Program, that encompasses all aspects regarding our sustainability strategy, and committing over 3000 hours of pro bono work per year.