BLP – Newsflash: December 25th Holiday Day in Central America


On Tuesday, December 25, the celebration of the nativity of Jesus Christ entails the enjoyment of a holiday regulated in the region as follows:



In the region

Christmas is a holiday that every employer must pay, even if the day is not worked, as is the case with a weekly, biweekly or monthly salary.


Christmas is a holiday of mandatory payment, which is applicable to 12 hours on December 24 and a full day of December 25. If an employee works from 12 noon on December 24 or on December 25, payment of a double surcharge on the ordinary salary must be made, as stipulated in the Labor Code, Articles 127, 128 and 129.



Christmas is considered a holiday according to Article 339 of the Labor Code. If an employee works on this day, the person must be paid double.

El salvador

According to Article 190 of the Salvadoran Labor Code, Christmas is an obligatory paid holiday. Any employee that works on this day is entitled to an extraordinary salary amounting to the ordinary daily salary plus a surcharge of one hundred percent.


Pursuant to Article 66 of the Labor Code, an employee that works on Christmas must be paid double.


costa rica

Labor Code Article 148 designates December 25 as a holiday. Any employee that works on Christmas must be paid double.