BLP – Newsflash: Important changes in Labor Law for Costa Rica


Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social approves increase in tripartite contribution

The Board of Directors of the Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social has agreed to increase the percentage corresponding to the tripartite contribution made to social security by employers, employees and the State.

The increase was initially to be executed in 2020, but with this proposal, social security seeks to apply from 2019 an increase in the respective contributions, which will be 10.66% and no longer 10.16% of the salary as it is currently.

This change will go to public consultation in the coming days, after being approved by a resolution of the Board of Directors.


List of Salaries for the private sector

Last Tuesday December 18, 2018, the gazette published Decree No. 41434-MTSS in the official gazette, which establishes the list of minimum wages that will apply as of January 1, 2019.

The daily minimum wage for all activities was set as follows:

Workers in Non-Qualified Employment ¢10.358,55
Semi-Skilled Occupation Workers ¢11.264,17
Workers in Skilled Employment ¢11.471,53
Workers in Special Occupation ¢13.530,38


For generic occupations, the monthly minimum wage was set as follows:

Workers in Non-Qualified Occupation ¢309.143,36
Semi-skilled Occupation Workers ¢332.589,87
Skilled Occupation Workers ¢349.623,39
General Technicians ¢366.380,40
Workers in Special Occupation ¢392.623,14
Skilled Technicians ¢451.523,54
High School Graduates ¢487.662,29
University Graduates ¢553.124,45
University Post-Graduates ¢663.772,10


It is important that employers take the corresponding measures and ensure that they classify employees correctly according to the Occupational Profiles approved by the National Salary Council.

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