BLP Newsflash – New Special Immigration and Foreigners Law

On April 2, 2019, the Legislative Assembly approved Legislative Decree number 286, which created the “Special Law on Immigration and Status of Foreigners,” effective May 15. This new law will replace the four bodies of law that currently govern the work of the general management of immigration and foreign services (Immigration Law of 1958, Special Law for rentier residents of 1973, Special Law of 2011 for the Protection and Development of the El Salvador Immigrant Person and his family, and the Foreign Law of 1986).

The new Special Immigration and Foreigners Law, recognizing the positive contribution of immigration, seeks the protection of the rights of immigrants, their integration and development, while it also increases the country’s security, modernizes the immigratory service, and promotes foreign investment.

Among the main benefits of the new immigration standards are the following:

  1. improvement in the processes of immigration services by simplifying procedures,
  2. interinstitutional coordination,
  3. creation of accessible services for all sectors of the population,
  4. the granting of residences for humanitarian reasons or for medical treatments to be carried out within Salvadoran territory,
  5. the implementation of the electronic passport modality,
  6. the creation of the Career in Immigration which has the purpose of training and specializing employees in each of their areas of competence, as well as encouraging the personal training and preparation of each one, and
  7. the creation of an Immigration and Foreigner Advisory Council that will advise the Presidency of the Republic and issue immigration policies.


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