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Few law firms have the necessary experience and capacity to be up-to-date with ever changing matters regarding Advertising and Consumer Protection Law. At BLP we have in-depth knowledge of the regulations affecting this area of practice. We also receive training and update our skills on a regular basis in order to identify and solve legal aspects that may arise from the use of new technology and media.

We have a highly specialized team, some of our lawyers are renowned as leaders in this area of practice and are frequently invited to participate at public events and conferences organized by authorities and private entities.

Our clients include some of the most important mass consumption product companies, some of which operate in highly regulated sectors.

BLP is an exclusive member of Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance’s (GALA) for Costa Rica. This organization brings together law firms specialized on this subject matter around the world.


  • Preventive review of advertising campaigns and labeling.
  • Privacy and data protection.
  • Promotions and sweepstakes.
  • Management of consumer complaints.
  • Assessment regarding consumer information and misleading advertising.
  • Preventive programs, procedures and corporate policies regarding the management of consumer-related affairs.
  • Image rights
  • Development of website terms and conditions.
  • Legal support during product recall procedures.
  • Representation during administrative and judicial procedures regarding advertising and consumption.


Head of Practice

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