Discussing the impact of women in high leadership positions with Laura Chinchilla

April, 2018

Today, former President of Costa Rica Laura Chinchilla presented at BLP on “The impact of the professional Costa Rican woman in the economic, social, and political development of the country: Lessons learned and main challenges of being the leader that marked a milestone in the history of the Costa Rican woman.”

Doña Laura addressed the achievements and impact of women in high leadership positions in society. Her work as the nation’s president was not only crucial for equality of women, as well as for their political participation in Costa Rica and around the world, but also for the strengthening of social programs such as care centers and student scholarships that are essential to the country’s human development progress.

At present, a third of BLP’s Partners are women. Furthermore, women hold more than half of the decision making positions, such as practice directors and administrative managers.-  Since its inception, BLP has pushed for policies of gender equality in the workforce such as merit promotions, flexible schedules, a nursing room, and work from home options. The work of women at BLP has been key to the firm’s notable success in Central America.