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The labor specialists at BLP are constantly innovating and improving on the traditional concept of labor counsel to make labor and employment counseling more dynamic to suit modern corporate needs. Our specialists have developed skills to help clients compete at a practical level in the human resources area and provide clients with comprehensive service on a broad range of labor and employment topics.

The lawyers of BLP provide specialized advice on corporate labor law matters. Our clients, many of which are multinational companies, have been advised by our labor practice attorneys on issues related to benefits and compensation, stock option plans, streamlining plans, outsourcing, labor auditing, and management of expatriate personnel, among other matters.

BLP also has specialists in corporate labor law litigation. The firm’s attorneys are pioneers in the application of new practices of corporate labor counsel in Costa Rica, and our labor litigation attorneys specialize in the effective defense of corporations that have been sued in judicial or administrative proceedings by ex-employees, governmental social security, or labor inspection institutions.

  • Executive compensation and benefits
  • Regulatory advice
  • Litigation
  • Planning and structuring
  • Policies


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