As part of its broad vision and strong business expansion, BLP has added the Immigration Law practice to its roster, in order to provide comprehensive services to our clients.

At BLP, we know and understand that globalization and the development of new businesses have encouraged companies to relocate their human capital to different places in the world as part of their growth process.  Thus, it is very important that we advise and guide companies in an effective and responsible manner, with regards to migratory issues of employees and their families, thereby helping simplify processes and contributing to the growth of said corporations.

Furthermore, we advise foreigners who are willing to settle down in the Central American country of their choice, whether because they have an investment there, a pension or any other income that allows them to live in such country, and for these purposes we seek comprehensive solutions on a case-by-case basis.  Our team of Central American experts works closely with other practices of the firm, in order to include all necessary elements to achieve a successful relocation process.


Temporary Residences:

  • Annuitants
  • Retirees
  • Investor
  • Family ties
  • Work permits with non-certified companies
  • Extensions


Companies Department:

  • Certification of companies
  • Extension of Company Certification
  • Application and extension of temporary residences for executives, managers, and specialized technical personnel
  • Non-resident procedures for temporary special visitors, interns, and trainees


Other procedures:

  • Tourist visa extensions
  • Change of immigration status
  • Procedure for restricted visas
  • Special categories



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