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We beliefe that Quality is Attained in Many Ways


The purpose of the BLP Foundation is to provide free legal services to non-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and other sectors of society promoting welfare projects. Specifically, the BLP Foundation focuses on the following areas: education, youth development programs, environment, and community issues.

Through time, capital, and resources, the BLP Foundation is the vehicle through which BLP continues to promote its work of corporate social responsibility. Attorneys and staff at BLP devote at least 20 hours a year to pro bono services through the BLP Foundation. The Foundation is also looking for other attorneys in our country to donate time and resources to further its activities, and to raise additional funding to hire in-house counsel with expertise in areas that are important to its undertakings.

For many years, BLP has actively participated in highly-important projects in a variety of areas, including advocating for the rights of people with disabilities, environmental issues, human rights, and governmental transparency.

As a result of the volunteering efforts of the people at BLP, the firm was ranked as one of the leading law firms dedicated to pro bono service in Latin America, and the top pro bono law firm in Costa Rica. (http://www.latinlawyer.com/card.php?id=165).

BLP was the first Costa Rican signatory of the “Pro Bono Declaration for the Americas”, which is a continental initiative of pro bono efforts for law firms. (http://www.nycbar.org/citybarjusticecenter/).


FORTIS specializes in tax, accounting, and finance issues, by way of a tax consulting methodology, using comprehensive financial and accounting techniques, through which a multidisciplinary group of select professionals provide comprehensive consulting and accounting services to clients in day-to-day operations. The organization also helps clients meet their tax obligations, and with their financial and accounting needs at different stages of everyday activities or as a result of corporate reorganizations. The goal that we have set for FORTIS is to reduce its clients’ tax risk, optimize their tax exposure, and defend the interests of their business activities to potential audits by the Tax Administration.


SOLEM (Soluciones Empresariales, or “Business Enterprise Solutions”) is an agency specializing in administrative and judicial collection management; addressing traffic violations and judgments; enterprise paperwork and permits before governmental institutions.

SOLEM´s goal is to offer our clients the most effective legal and technical business management solutions. The SOLEM team is comprised of professionals with extensive experience in different areas of work, and it is committed to making BLP’s services the most efficient and of the highest quality offered in the Costa Rican market.