BLP hosts the first On-line Central American Intellectual Property Conference

May, 2018

BLP celebrated International Intellectual Property Day by hosting an On-line Central American Intellectual Property Conference. The participation of experts from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua in this first-of-a-kind production was an innovation providing clients with a vision and training from diverse perspectives encompassing all of Central America.

According to presentations made by León Weinstok of BLP and Alejandra Castro, Legal Director of Bayer AG Patents & Compliance for Central America and the Caribbean, advanced knowledge of products and industrial processes provides wide-ranging benefits for planners. BLP partner Uri Weinstok accorded with Carlos Zúñiga, Creative Director of Joya de Nicaragua, that trademark portfolios present unique and complex challenges, for which they presented practical and effective strategies to achieve protection.

Attorney Anel Aguilar, in her presentation on “Non-Traditional Trademarks”, provided an explanation of “visible”, as well as “non-visible” categories, and the urgent need to win the attention of consumers in a highly-competitive marketplace.

On another topic, attorney Pamela López explained in depth the diverse ways in which a license agreement may grant companies the possibility of boosting their income and expanding into new market territories.

Partner Luis F. Ruiz concluded the conference with the theme “Challenges of the fight against Trademark Counterfeiting”, by explaining the importance of designing an effective strategy for preventive protection in order to learn which government agencies are doing their job and which are not.

Intellectual property rights remain an important commercial benefit, allowing companies holding trademarks to acquire key advantages over their competitors. However, protection is not guaranteed by trademark registration alone, but it also requires adequate maintenance and use in order to avoid the risk of cancellation or nullity. These guidelines must be taken into consideration before the company advertises, markets or bills.