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Thanks to technological breakthroughs, the use of personal data by a number of companies is becoming more frequent. This poses additional challenges to those interested in collecting storing and processing personal data from third parties.

At BLP we support our clients in connection with this groundbreaking and emerging practice area by providing legal advice based on new needs that may arise as novel technologies make progress. We provide our clients with assistance and advice to comply with the applicable regulations as well as on a number of topics, including the protection of sensitive data, the appropriate use thereof, and the proper manner to act when it comes to handling related claims.

  • Preventive support to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

  • Advice to companies in connection with the appropriate use of sensitive information contained in their databases.

  • Design of corporate policies, protocols, and procedures for the collection, safekeeping and use of personal data, as well as to handle procedures and claims in connection with these matters.

  • Review and drafting of contracts for the inclusion of informed consent provisions, and other stipulations regarding the use of personal data.

  • Conduction of mandatory biannual legal and IT audits for any companies using sensitive data.

  • Specialized training designed for employees responsible for database files as well as any other employees of the company engaged in the use of data.

  • Legal representation in connection with administrative procedures and judicial litigation regarding this subject matter.


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