Whether your business has no internal legal counsel, or a large in-house counsel team, BLP can help. Our highly-skilled professionals cooperate to form our Retainer Unit. We provide growing businesses with outstanding professionals to fulfill our client’s needs for an in-house attorney, while being flexible, effective, and keeping costs in check. We created this arrangement to help organizations that need to have predictability and accountability when it comes to their day-to-day legal needs. No matter what the needs of your business might be, whether you are an individual General Counsel or the head of a large in-house legal team, we can help you reinforce the areas or tasks at hand to deliver the results you require, all with BLP’s longstanding reputation for quality.

  • Support for business contracting negotiations and implementation.
  • Documentation review in compliance or auditing processes.
  • Legal consultation on day-to-day matters.
  • Filling urgent needs, such as leaves or corporate reorganizations.

Contact us and let’s discuss how our people’s knowledge can help drive your success.


Head of Practice

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