At BLP we are proud to have a carefully selected and truly globalized team of professionals, who provide a globalized focused that allows them to offer innovative solutions to our clients facing complex legal matters. We look for outstanding individuals who have the skills and potential to lead in every project they undertake. Our attorneys are highly regarded by multiple rankings and reputable publications. A high percentage of them have graduated with honors from the top law schools in Central America, and many have continued pursuing post-graduate education in some of the best schools in the US and Europe, which gives them a truly comprehensive and global perspective that is brought to every project and transaction on which they work.

BLP’s attorneys are differentiated not only by their education, but by their ability to think outside the box, and devise practical and cost-effective answers for our client’s needs. All members of the team are characterized by their in-depth knowledge of all the industries and sectors to which the firm caters, and their ability to work in interdisciplinary teams to provide integrated results that always exceed expectations. The excellent legal team at BLP has made it possible for the firm to participate in important infrastructure, financing, and corporate projects on a global scale. Contact us, and allow us to propose a new way to implement the decisions your business requires to succeed.

Outstanding services in all Practice Areas

BLP integrates all areas of practice in interdisciplinary teams with the purpose of maximizing the benefits and solutions offered to its clients, thus satisfying and thoroughly exceeding every expectation.

Our efforts are focused on the protection and the correct direction of our client’s businesses, offering an added value with innovative solutions and the possibility to satisfy all of their legal needs in a single place with a team of professionals that have vast understanding of the operation and management of businesses in the region, as well as of the value of your organization’s resources.