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BLP (Business Law Partners) was founded with the vision of become true business allies of their clients by combining High-quality legal services with sound business advice.



BLP es recognized as one of the most prominent law firms in Central and Latin America, as demonstrated by the loyalty of our clients and numerous distinctions from the most prestigious international legal directories.

Our group of companies


In an effort to provide comprehensive service and added value for our clients, BLP has developed subsidiaries that allow us to broaden our scope ensuring quality and excellence in Central America.



Agriculture is one of the most dynamic sectors of the economy, showing significant growth over the years. Aware of the development that this sector has had in Central America, BLP has long maintained the practice area of Agribusiness devoted to providing comprehensive legal advice to companies acting or interested in the industrialization and marketing of agricultural products, forestry, and other biological natural resources.

Given the amount of commercial activity within the agroindustry, branches of law have arisen that are essential for the proper functioning of enterprises involved. The BLP team has the capacity to advise comprehensively on all aspects of a business entailing agriculture, from the best legal structure for operating within the country, detailing the tax benefits that apply, to environmental licensing.

We have advised investors in a variety of sectors including meat, tobacco, cocoa, coffee, and wood. BLP’s involvement not only includes legal advice, but also a broad business vision with the objective of developing the client's commercial potential.

BLP forms multidisciplinary teams of lawyers with extensive experience in the corporate, environmental, tax, and labor aspects of agricultural projects and businesses.

Some services that we provide are:

  • Feasibility analysis of the free zone regime
  • Environmental licensing
  • Registration of new agricultural varieties
  • Tax advice
  • Employment advice
  • Corporate organization


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