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BLP (Business Law Partners) was founded with the vision of become true business allies of their clients by combining High-quality legal services with sound business advice.



BLP es recognized as one of the most prominent law firms in Central and Latin America, as demonstrated by the loyalty of our clients and numerous distinctions from the most prestigious international legal directories.

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In an effort to provide comprehensive service and added value for our clients, BLP has developed subsidiaries that allow us to broaden our scope ensuring quality and excellence in Central America.

BLP once again receives Carbon Neutrality certification in recognition of its efforts in environmental preservation.

BLP once again receives Carbon Neutrality certification in recognition of its efforts in environmental preservation.

For the fifth consecutive year, the Government of Costa Rica has granted BLP “Carbon Neutrality” certification for having complied with the National Program and supporting another year toward reducing the world’s carbon footprint, being the first law firm in Central America to garner such distinction.

BLP is aware of threats to the planet and the challenges facing companies in order to generate a healthy, balanced and fit environment for human development and is mindful that productive activities must meet present needs without compromising future generations and the duty we have of preserving the earth for them.

Since 2017, BLP has developed a sustainability strategy under the aegis of Sustainability by BLP that articulates all of the firm’s efforts aimed at contributing to the human and social development of the communities in which our business operates, taking as a guide the 2030 Agenda for the 17 Objectives of Sustainable Development approved by the United Nations.

Year after year, BLP expands the efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, taking actions ranging from workspace modifications to reduce the consumption of electric energy and fossil fuels, changes in our work practices such as waste separation and recycling, and awareness-raising through workshops and discussions on good practices by companies in reducing CO2 emissions to hosting volunteer days for the cleaning of rivers and beaches, forest conservation activities, garbage collection, and eliminating electronic waste among others.

This is also the second time that the firm has received official recognition from the Government of Costa Rica by complying with the Carbon Neutrality 2.0 Country Program.  BLP had previously gained recognition in 2019 within the framework of the PreCOP25 Preparatory Conference on Climate Change, which highlighted the pioneering efforts of the firm and its contribution to Costa Rica’s decarbonization process.

BLP realizes that its success has been made possible by the opportunities that the environment has afforded and seeks to demonstrate its responsibility to the societies and sectors with which it relates, prioritizing the development of initiatives that affect the quality of life and human rights.

Recognized by the world's foremost legal directories for its regional leadership, BLP is the law firm for conducting business in Central America, with over 170 lawyers providing service in 27 practice areas at 11 offices strategically distributed in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and a representation office in Spain.














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