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BLP (Business Law Partners) was founded with the vision of become true business allies of their clients by combining High-quality legal services with sound business advice.



BLP es recognized as one of the most prominent law firms in Central and Latin America, as demonstrated by the loyalty of our clients and numerous distinctions from the most prestigious international legal directories.

Our group of companies


In an effort to provide comprehensive service and added value for our clients, BLP has developed subsidiaries that allow us to broaden our scope ensuring quality and excellence in Central America.

BLP receives the highest rating in the 2019 Ecological Blue Flag Program in the Climate Change category

BLP receives the highest rating in the 2019 Ecological Blue Flag Program in the Climate Change category

As evidence of our commitment to sustainability, BLP has received the Ecological Blue Flag (Bandera Azul Ecológica) award for the eighth consecutive year, obtaining the highest possible score in the Climate Change category, which recognizes the scope of the firm's environmental management program and the efforts of every employee in environmental preservation.

Under its Sustainability strategy, the firm has implemented a series of actions enabling our compliance with each parameter of the Blue Flag Program, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • The promotion of environmental education and preservation through talks that cover environmental care issues, internal communications that foster good environmental practices and actions that can be taken individually at home. Additionally, the firm's staff participates in environmentally related volunteer actions in different areas of the country. These activities create a positive impact beyond the workplace extending into the lives and homes of our employees.
  • Projects to reduce the consumption of electricity and fossil fuels. After reviewing our energy needs, the firm has invested in the installation of NEST thermostats, the renovation of computer equipment, and the implementation of a satellite monitoring mechanism and route optimization for Messenger service. Added to this is an inclusive teleworking policy that helps reduce energy consumption even further.
  • Efficient use of water. BLP has developed a water consumption policy that includes the installation of different mechanisms to reduce water waste. Additionally, environmentally friendly and/or biodegradable cleaning products are used.
  • Decrease in the use of paper. The firm has adopted a “paperless” policy, which promotes recycling of paper and use of digital documents. These actions have reduced annual paper consumption by 70%.

BLP is also committed to the well-being of communities, participating in organizations and initiatives at a national level that influence their sustainable development:

  • Alianza Ambiental Santa Ana brings together more than 15 public and private companies that continuously work to improve the environmental performance of its members and the communities in which they operate. 
  • ECoins are the basis of an exchange program that offers incentives to encourage recycling and a change in consumer habits. BLP donates recoverable waste to this initiative as part of an effort to reduce our impact on the environment.
  • BLP joined ProParques’s plastic cap collection campaign for the construction of walkways to make national park beaches accessible to the handicapped. The firm collected and donated more than 55 kilos of plastic caps to this cause.

Within its Sustainability strategy, the firm prioritizes actions to promote and support initiatives that affect the quality of life and the enjoyment of the rights of social sectors that may be in a vulnerable situation. These actions are part of BLP's commitment to the sustainable development of the societies we serve.














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