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Tax compliance of inactive companies in Costa Rica


Tax compliance of inactive companies in Costa Rica

Are you aware of the formal tax obligation of inactive companies in Costa Rica?

Below, we detail this obligation and suggest how to comply with it in time to avoid sanctions.

What is this new tax compliance about?

The formal obligation consists of filing declaration D.135 called, Asset Declaration for Inactive Legal Persons.

Who must declare?

Those inactive companies that are registered with the Single Tax Registry as, "Legal persons incorporated in the country that do not carry out economic activity of a Costa Rican source" under code number 960113 must comply with this obligation.

What is required to fulfill this obligation?

Inactive companies must have updated their data, using form D.140 Modification of data in the Single Tax Registry, to include their tax address, contact details and include their legal representative, who will have access to the Virtual Tax Administration ( ATV) so that the company can present, on said platform, declaration D.135. To comply with this obligation for the 2020 period, the legal representative of the company may also grant third-party users of the ATV platform.

What should this statement include?

The statement of the inactive company must include its assets, liabilities, and equity commensurate with the acquisition values, and in the case of equity, at least the capital registered in the National Registry must be indicated.

When is the expiration date for compliance?

Form D.135 must be submitted no later than March 15, 2021.



At Resolve by BLP our professionals can help you with the filing of declaration D.135 and in turn, carry out the filing of data modification declaration D.140 in the Single Tax Registry to duly comply with this provision of the Tax Administration of the Ministry of Finance.

Contact us at info@resolvebpo.com to help you in your tax compliance.














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